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Home Sales Without Realtors

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Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Protect Yourself With Legal Services, and Save Money!

Realtors are essential for finding home buyers (or finding a home to buy), but they are expensive, typically 5% of the sales price. That's $25,000 for a $500,000 home!

If you already have a buyer at market value, there is no need for the realtors'


market expertise. You would be paying their commissions only to document and manage the transaction with their

standard contract forms. But realtors cannot provide any added value in the form of legal advice or custom contract drafting.

Having attorney Marcus Brown handle your transaction instead of a realtor is a much better option where you already have your buyer. The savings are substantial with typical fees at less than 1% of the sales price. Plus, as an experienced and skilled real estate attorney, Marcus Brown provides the added value of legal advice and custom contract drafting where necessary.

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