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Home Sales Without Realtors

Suburban House
  • Already have a buyer?

  • Selling to your tenant?

  • To a neighbor?

  • To a family member or friend?

Then you shouldn't be paying realtor commissions!

Protect Yourself With Legal Services, and Save Money!

Having attorney Marcus Brown handle your transaction instead of a realtor is a valuable option where you already have your buyer at market price. The potential savings are substantial with typical fees at less than 1% of the sales price. Plus, as an experienced and skilled real estate attorney, Marcus Brown provides the added value of legal advice and custom contract drafting where necessary.

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What's Included in the Service?

Marcus Brown's home sales service includes:

(1) Strategically planning your transaction to help maximize the success of the sale and help minimize your risk going forward.

(2) Advice and drafting related to your extensive disclosure obligations as a seller of a California residence to help streamline negotiations and minimize your risk of liability after the sale. 

(3) Preparation of the purchase-sale contract, which you will need to have an escrowed transaction, a practical must for sales of real estate. The contract is another valuable opportunity to minimize risk of liability consistent with the deal terms and is the opportunity to ensure you are getting the deal you want.

(4) Coordinating a title insurance company escrow for your transaction, another practical must for California home sales.

(5) If you need seller financing documents, we would prepare those for you.

(6) Advising you with regard to any unforeseen hiccups in your transaction.

(7) Addressing the questions and concerns that you have during the transaction.

(8) Review of escrow-prepared settlement statements and deeds to ensure consistency with your deal terms.

(9) Handling any custom drafting or revision of contract documents or real estate instruments that becomes necessary.

(10) If you and the buyer want to share an attorney, that can usually be arranged.

Click here to find out if you qualify for these services.


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