Who do we serve?

Real estate investors, lenders, property managers, commercial tenants, brokers, contractors, and homeowners.

What do we do for our clients?

Full service real estate, from acquisition to unlawful detainer, and most everything in between. Thus, we handle our clients' disputes, from pre-litigation dispute resolution, to mediation and arbitration, to aggressive civil litigation and trial advocacy in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts. We additionally handle our clients' real estate buy-sell, financing, and leasing transactions, and set up holding companies.

Where do we work?

Throughout California. Our office is in the East Bay Area, in Walnut Creek, and our practice is focused in the Bay Area, but we often work on matters in Southern California and throughout the state. We are additionally licensed to practice in Washington State.

Why do our clients choose us?

We combine larger firm experience with the personal attention and accessibility of a boutique practice. We additionally offer comprehensive services for our real estate focused clients, offering both experienced litigation services for all venues--state, federal, and bankruptcy courts--and sage counsel for resolving pre-litigation disputes and handling transactions the right way. Full service allows for efficient and effective service as our clients' various needs arise and change.

  • Real property investors
  • Lenders and loan servicers
  • Property managers
  • Real estate brokers
  • Contractors
  • Homeowners
Dispute/Litigation Services:​
  • Pre-litigation mediation and dispute resolution
  • Arbitration
  • Civil litigation and trials in state and federal courts
  • Commercial collections and creditor's rights
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Unlawful detainers and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Buyer-seller disputes
  • Loan defaults and workouts
  • Owner-contractor disputes
  • Title litigation
  • Mortgage and foreclosure litigation
  • Adjoining landowner disputes
Transactional/General Counsel Services:​
  • Real estate buy-sell transactions
  • Real estate financing transactions
  • Real estate leasing
  • Asset organization/holding companies
  • Workout and settlement transactions